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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Say helloooo to my wonderful husband, Franklyn. He constantly throws out wisdom at me, gives me new perspectives, and truly exemplifies the definition of a partner. This week he decided to make his own guest post, and his topic of choice is TEAMWORK. 

Hey, I’m Frank and as far as I can remember, I’ve been part of a team.

I was born into a family of 7 and while at times it was chaotic, it taught me how to work in a team. My mom and sister took care of the home inside, while me and my brothers took care of everything outside and fixed anything that needed fixing. Having to always help the family made me have no ego about working and made me a great team player. This also prepared me for marriage knowing that you sometimes have to put others first and help out your spouse.

I also played sports all my life, mostly hockey but a lot of other sports too. In hockey, everyone has a role. If everyone plays their role well, your team will succeed. Although I was not the most talented player, I always did my job to the best of my abilities. The same goes for work. I always do my best but sometimes shitty jobs come up, and someone has to do them. I never make just one person do all the shitty jobs. I make sure that they’re dispersed and as a team player, I never have too much pride to do them myself. I try to be a role model whenever I can and get my hands dirty to show people than you can do anything and you should do everything that’s needed from you, no matter how boring the task may be.

Teamwork affects a lot more of your life than you think, so here are some examples of how you can be a better team player.

How Working in Teams Makes Your Life Better

  • Nobody is good at everything, so with a team you can focus on what you are best at
  • There are better odds to succeed with a team
  • Their motivation could be contagious
  • You always have someone to laugh with
  • Your teammates can pull you out of a funk
  • It gives you a shoulder to cry on

How To Be A Better Teammate

At Work

  • Try to be patient of people’s differences because some people are better at one thing, while others may be better at another thing, and some will be slower learners and that’s also okay
  • Try to be understanding of people’s capabilities and how to best set them up for success
  • Give it everything you got everyday
  • Treat others with respect
  • Be humble
  • Don’t be too good to do different jobs that are not specifically written in your job description

In a Relationship

  • Give more than you recieve
  • Take initiative without waiting
  • Know when to go easy on the other because everyone has bad days
  • Admit when your wrong
  • Take ownership for mistakes
  • Always try to look on the bright side and try to stay positive

Overall, being a good teammate takes some work and humility but at the end of the day it’s worth it. Thank you for hearing me out today and I’ll be back to drop some more wisdom soon.

Peace out,


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