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I don’t have a job, but I have an office.

Hello friends! It’s been a while. I wanted to get back to blogging, but we’ve had quite a bit going on. This year I moved from Atlanta, GA to Charleston, SC to Ann Arbor, MI and as of this week the hubs and I are now going to be in Lexington, KY for about a year. We also got married (posts to come soon) and dealt with too many family tragedies. But I’m hoping the rest of this year and 2019 will be a little bit more smooth sailing.

Anyways, back to this whole office situation. I quit my job last December, and I guess you can say since then I’ve become a “home manager.” I take care of our home, plans, bills, health, appointments, etc. It’s kind of fun, but I also miss nerding out and challenging my brain a little more. I want to eventually work again, but in the meantime I’m first taking some time to get our health and home in gear after all the chaos this past year, and then I will explore my personal interests and hopefully build some more skills.

So why did I set myself up an office? Because something my aunt always told me is that if you want to organize your life, you should start with your room. So I dedicated one room to just that! Our brains are pretty funny and if you want yourself to start doing something, then the best way to do it is by making the preferred option the easiest one to get to. For example, some things I’ve been wanting to do this past year is blog, write a book, and take some online classes. However, my home office was either my bedroom where I had trouble getting out of bed to focus on these things, or the kitchen where I’d prefer to just snack and chat it up with my mother in law (we stayed with her in Michigan).

Then I created an office, and decorated it with such great pride that I’m so EXCITED to do everything else I wanted to do before. My desk is uncluttered and has room for my computer, and the room is decorated with candles, tea, my favorite photos, good luck charms, and cute little quotes. It’s a quant spot with great vibes, and even my husband thinks it is pretty dang cool. As you can see, I’m already getting back to blogging and in the next year, I will continue to make strides towards my goals.

What I learned in the last year through all this:

If you feel lost, it’s okay. There will be moments in many of our lives where we may feel confused and uncertain about our direction. It’s not the end and doesn’t determine where you can still go. Think about all of the successful people who went through ups and downs before they got anywhere. The best thing you can do is to find tiny things that make you feel like you’re taking positive steps forward. My husband told me that if every day I can do one thing that makes me feel like I did something good, then over time it’ll add up. It can be something as simple as making healthy meals, working out, doing laundry, reading a book, applying to a few jobs, or setting up your own office. I’m not much for religion, but maybe there is a reason why life gives you some challenges. Maybe it really is to make you stronger and prepare you for an even better direction for you than you even knew existed. As my mom always said, life is hard but it’s worth it and at the end of the day it will give you what you deserve.

So here’s towards a new humble life in my new office. Hope you all find that little something that makes you more excited about your goals and helps you find your direction.

Peace, love, and good vibes


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