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Hallows Eve & What to Do If There’s No Party

Holidays are the best, aren’t they? The festive vibes they give out, the decorations, the outfits, the fun little activities.

But sometimes, they can also be a little disappointing if you have no plans for them. When we were younger, we could dress up for Trick or Treat or dress up for the highschool football games on Halloween or go to parties with all of our friends. The older you get, unless you have younger family to go Trick or Treating with or friends who still host parties, you may not be doing all that much for Halloween.

Welllll, I think there’s no reason to not get festive despite what’s going on in your life. There are small ways you can have fun and get into the holiday vibes.

So here are a few low key ideas for a fun halloween!

  1. Have a Halloween movie marathon (duh). Watch some horror movies like Halloween, Scream, Saw; some cute classics like Hocus Pocus, Beetle Juice, The Adams Family; or binge on some spooky Netflix shows like American Horror Story or Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (spooky version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch).
  2. Color in some Halloween or fall themed coloring books! I was doing this, and my husband surprisingly decided to join me too. He said it was very therapeutic! 
  3. Go to a pumpkin patch, apple picking, night hayride, haunted house, or look out for a local Halloween parade!
  4. Buy some pumpkins and decorate your house with them, carve them, make pumpkin bread, or roast some pumpkin seeds!
  5. Find some Halloween themed makeup pictures on Pinterest, and experiment with your own look! Take a Halloween photoshoot of your trials!
  6. Have a craft day- either by yourself or with friends. Paint something, do some Halloween based crafts that you could even donate to local charities, or bake some Halloween goodies
  7. Find a local Halloween event in your area. You can just go on Facebook and look up if any restaurants or bars are doing anything special for Halloween. Usually there is something going on that is open to the public. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet some people there!
  8. Run a holiday themed 5k! I have done this in the past. It’s active, healthy, and fun because everyone else also dresses up with you.
  9. Go to a murder mystery dinner. You get to dress up, and essentially act out the game Clue. They can be kind of pricey, but sometimes Groupons have great deals for them!
  10. Read a scary book! I haven’t done this in years, but I used to love going camping and reading scary stories with my friend as a kid. This could be fun, and maybe even a little nostalgic! Maybe you could even host a bonfire with some friends and do this!
  11. Whip up some Halloween snacks. Maybe make some caramel apples, pumpkin themed rice crispy treats, pizza pockets in the shape of skulls, cupcakes with frosting that look like little ghosts, mummified hotdogs, or goblin popcorn with spirulina on top!
  12. Dress up and give out candy in your neighborhood!

And if you do decide to dress up but want a lazy outfit then there are many easy, last minute ways to do that as well. A onesie is always a good choice or with some makeup, you can become a zombie with any out outfit. A cowboy hat can quickly turn you into a cowboy. A jersey can make you a pro athlete. Or you can always come up with some punny costumes or some easy group costumes. For example, my sister and her friends made a rendition of the characters from the CLUE boardgame just with the clothes from their closet and a few “weapons”.

As far as me and Frank, we’ve been watching Halloween movies all month and today we dressed up and gave out candy to the tots in our neighborhood. It was a blast!

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