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Eucalyptus Addiction and Why I Love Essential Oils

Yo. I have like a serious addiction. To eucalyptus. My husband will vouch for this.

I have actually googled whether you can get high or have problems from inhaling too much eucalyptus. (I never got any results that warranted my worry).

Maybe it’s because it’s so refreshing or has a clean feeling, or maybe it’s because my nose is always stuffy and it’s known to have decongestant properties… but I can’t get enough of the scent. I have a little tube of eucalyptus essential oil by my bed that I love to sniff, and I’ve even brought it with me on trips before. I’ve tried using it in my air diffuser before, but the scent doesn’t come out strong enough that way. I do, however, love eucalyptus flavored bath salts for my baths (which are my go to thing for stress relief or muscle aches).

I use different scents for my air diffuser though. My favorite is this happiness concoction and stress relief concoctions I’ve gotten as gifts from Urban Outfitters (which they don’t sell anymore- here is a link towards their products though). I realized I really like citrusy orange flavors to circulate the room. They smell sweet, light, and refreshing. I typically like earthy tones too, but for my air diffuser I’ve appreciated lighter oils.

There are sooo many different essential oils though, and all of them have different scents and different uses. You may be drawn to some more than others. My top favorites are lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus. I’d recommend checking more out yourself and doing additional research, but here is some background on a few common scents.

Lemon– This is a cleansing and an uplifting sense. It can be added to natural cleaning solutions to clean counters or sticky areas. Lemon helps digestion and as long as you buy quality essential oils and not perfumes, you should be able to add it to water. I’d personally prefer having fresh lemon, but I know people who have used the essential oils as well. They can also be used in a diffuser for aromatic scent and a mood boost! I love using it in my diffuser when I’m relaxing, reading, or working on the computer.

Peppermint– This is also good for your digestive system. It can be used as a natural bug propellant and it’s cooling, so it can be used to soothe tense areas. It is also calming. I like rubbing peppermint on sore muscles, an achy neck, or my temples.

One random thing we may try using peppermint oil for is for alopecia Frank has on his beard. I read somewhere than you can mix peppermint essential oils with olive oil for example, and apply it regularly to improve circulation and stimulate hair growth. Alopecia tends to be very difficult to treat, but it’s worth a try!

Eucalyptus– MY FAV! Obviously. This is antibacterial, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory. It can be used for congestion, for cleaning and deodorizing, for stress, amongst other things. I inhale this as a decongestant or stress reliever. I also like using this in my bath, typically as scented bath salts.

Lavender– This is usually calming and great for anxiety or sleep. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of lavender, but a lot of people are! My mother in law has a spray bottle with lavender oil near her bed that she sprays on her pillows.

Tea Tree– This is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. I know it can be used for acne and also dandruff! When I was younger and had more pimples, I’d dab tea tree oil on them with a Q-tip and it would help. I have also made and used a homemade mouth wash with tea tree oil before. I had a canker sore, and it helped heal it faster. I just added water, few drops of tea tree oil and peppermint oil, and there ya go!

Frankincense – I know the least about this oil, but I want to start using it it. It’s part of most bigger starter essential oil packages, and it’s supposedly great for skin. It can be used for dry skin, wrinkles, age spots, scars, and stretch marks. Plus it’s helpful for stress and pain relief.

I typically buy DoTerra or Young Living Essential oils, as they’re high quality and reputable, but I have also just gone to Whole Foods and bought some there before too.

I also found a body wash with Tea Tree Oil, eucalyptus, and peppermint that me and my hubs have been using and I’m OBSESSED. I came across this when I was looking for a natural body wash because my skin is very sensitive to everything. Plus the hubs and I both work out and get sweaty, and he sometimes comes home with cuts from work. This stuff is not only deodorizing, but it’s also antibacterial and antiviral, which makes me feel better about the cuts he may get at work. Plus, since I’m obsessed with eucalyptus smell… it smells amazingly refreshing to me!

See links to my favorite products on Amazon below!

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