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Burning sage and no, we have no evil spirits

Sooooo you may think I’m crazy, but recently I’ve been on the hunt for sage. A few weeks ago, I was at a farmers market and I saw they were selling some sage. I was kind of curious about it because I’m kind of all about that hippi shit, but I also thought it was just for cleansing the house of evil spirits and I didn’t feel like we had that problem. So I didn’t end up buying any.

Then me and the hubs moved to Kentucky into a house we were renting and holy smokes, we were sneezing like crazy there. Frank was initially convinced that a cat previously lived there because he was really allergic to cats, but I was sneezing nonstop too and I’m not allergic to cats. So, we decided that it must be dust.

I don’t know how, but I later stumbled upon an article somewhere that wrote that sage helps cleanse the air of unwanted bacteria, pollen, pet dander, dust, mold spores, and other allergens. I didn’t know how true it was but I was shaking my head wishing I just got that sage before. Then last weekend, I was in Nashville and happened to walk into a little local shop called “Welcome Home.” They sold sage there and I figured I’d try it out. If it also got rid of any bad vibes or “evil spirits” in the house in addition to bacteria and potential allergens, I wouldn’t be bummed.

Apparently the official term for burning sage to cleanse the air is called “smudging.” I believe you can “smudge” with other herbs as well, for various reasons. The practice originated from indigenous cultures, where they smudged with sacred herbs or medicines for cleansing or health purposes, or as part of rituals. Smudging with sage supposedly can also help banish negative energies, improve mood, improve sleep, improve cognition, boost your energy levels, among other things.

According to articles, you’re supposed to put the burning sage into a heat-proof bowl and then waft the smoke using a feather onto your body for cleansing or throughout your house or into different directions for various reasons. As you can see in my picture below, I have not mastered this and just walked through the house with sage before letting it burn on a plate. If you’d like, you can also chant something to make it more of a spiritual experience. There are incantations or prayers suggested but one of my favorites I found was “Cleanse this space, remove all ill. Bless it now. Let love and light fill.”

I am still no expert on burning sage, but it’s definitely an experience. It makes you feel like a voodoo doctor but it also kind of reminds me of incense. So for those who love incense, may appreciate sage but those who can’t stand the smoke of incense may not be a fan. Opening all the windows, and going outside or another room will help with the process if the smoke bothers you. It definitely clears the stale air in the house but I suppose just opening the windows can help with that as well. Hopefully, it’ll help with our allergies as well! So far, we’ve been sneezing a lot less than when we first moved in. As for the vibes in the house, they were pretty good before we tried this out but I will let y’all know if they become even better.

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