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After 15 Minutes of Fame


In the age of social media… anyone can be famous.

So I’m going to try not to compare myself to any real celebrity because I’m well aware that in the grand scheme of things, I’m more like a small ant near my ant hole- only noticed by the other ants around me and insignificant to the rest of the world. THAT SAID, I recently got to feel what it’s like to be under the public eye. It kind of felt like high school. And I don’t say that because the thing that was brought to attention was my young middle school/high school love story, but because comments about it spread like wild fire. 

Okay, I’m being melodramatic (I really should’ve joined drama club back in the day), because all in all, getting something to go viral of me and my sweet, sweet husband is actually super cool and we can check one thing off our life bucket list! But since I haven’t explained anything, let me give you some background.

My friend showed me the Instagram The Way We Met and I thought it was so cute, so I submitted me and my husbands love story (anyone is free to submit their love story too)! The lady in charge absolutely loved it, and decided to make a video collage of it. And to my surprise, a friend of mine tells me it’s reposted by George Takei (the dude who was an actor in Star Trek) and it’s up to 4 MILLION VIEWS. HOLY SHIITTTTAKE MUSHROOMS. (And now we’re also up on MLive).



My friends start reposting it, people are messaging me, and overall everyone is so sweet and supportive! And then I decide to read the comments… which if you’re smart, you NEVER READ THE COMMENTS. While I’d still say a lot of the comments were people still being sweet, supportive, and sharing their own love stories that related to ours, there were some that were not super nice.

My husband, the soft hearted anti-social media dude that he is, was not interested in reading the comments. However, the curious, energetic, sassy character that I am… couldn’t resist. And while I so wanted to respond to every single person, I will just hit a couple points here!

So here are my responses to the nay sayers:

  • To the people who made fun of my hair color
    • I completely forgot I dyed my hair a bright color, but that was actually a very exciting moment for me because I just quit my corporate job and fulfilled my dream of having a crazy hair color! I will proudly do it again someday 🙂
  • To the people who made fun of my husband wearing backward hats
    • I’m totally on the same page with you, BUT it’s something he loves to do because it gets his hair out of his face because he’s just not a fashionista who gels his hair everyday. Maybe someday he’ll just get a shorter haircut. In the meantime, I’ll love him any way he is 🙂
  • To those who gagged at the Chainsmoker reference
    • I actually do like the Chainsmokers, but I don’t listen to them very often. However, their song Young reminded me of our past relationship bc it was a hot mess!! I thought it was comical and I sent it to him as a joke, not as a serenade with an intention to start a convo that rekindles an old fling! And if Frank got to pick a romantic song about us- it’d be Greatest Love Story by LANCO. I personally can’t stand country music, but the lyrics are pretty on point.
  • To the people who said all 24 year olds are immature
    • JOKES ON YOU BECAUSE WE’RE 26! But seriously- if you met Frank, you’d be embarrassed to call him immature because he’s one of the sweetest and hardest workers I know and he does it all for his family, my family, and the new family we’re starting. It may be hard to believe, but he’s went through a lot more than most people have in their lifetime. (I’d tell ya, but it’s not my story to tell). Not to mention, he’s hella successful for someone at 26. If you consider maturity based on personality, then just have a conversation with him or ask people who know him very well what their opinions are of him. If you consider maturity by career success, then please let’s compare our taxes. As for me, ask all the people who come to me for advice what they think about me or you can look at my resume too. I worked pretty damn hard in the last 10 years myself and have pretty cool things to show for it. However, are we risk takers? Yes, yes we are. I will give you that. That’s why we get along.
  • To the people who say we’re going to divorce in 1-2 years
    • Well, you got us there. Anything could happen in the future, whether it’s in 2 years or 20. However, we’re both enjoying each others company, laughing together everyday, cooking and sharing chores, supporting each other through family tragedies or personal difficulties, constantly working as a team, and very committed to always working towards our relationship. Not to mention we love each other’s families, which is also so important!! I can’t imagine a better partner for me or a better relationship to be in, and I know Frank feels the same. We count our blessings every day!
  • To the people who worry about us getting into a relationship that used to be toxic
    • This is actually a huge worry, and for most people I would NOT recommend going back to an ex, especially one that you considered toxic. Most people really don’t change all that much, even after 10 years. For me, it was a pleasant surprise how much Frank grew up. And I grew up a lot too. We went from being wild rebellious partying teenagers who always fought to empathetic, open, young adults who value their relationships and families more than anything. Neither one of us really go out anymore and we’re not big drinkers or anything like that. We both like spending time with each other or our families, working out, enjoying our hobbies (adult hockey league or violin for him, social partner dance or art for me), and traveling across the country. We were very very lucky to both grow in the same direction, because that doesn’t always happen.
  • To the people who believe there were flaws or lies to our story
    • It’s real guys, (but also summarized – my original long ass blog post with our story is here). It’s true- Frank’s not much of a social media person, he did make me a proposal video (my full name is Victoria, but I also go by Vika or Vicky), he did buy an airplane ticket for me to go through security and it’s because his layover was 30 minutes in a super busy airport and he couldn’t delay his second flight, and he was my first boyfriend when I was a new girl in 7th grade and my first big love my freshmen year of highschool. We both dated other people, some were less serious than others and some were seriously wonderful people who we still respect today, but as they say – first cut is the deepest. Just because we ended up together, it doesn’t negate the good memories and learning experiences we had with other people in between. It helped us get to where we are now, and we both have love and wish the best for everyone that crossed our paths. The only thing that was a bit exaggerated was that when I first met Frank, I was really awkward about it but he pursued me (aka he had a friend ask me out the day he met me at the rec center) and I gave in….and THEN I started thinking he was adorable and the tables turned 😀 Also, there is a picture of my sister in the slideshow instead of me HAHA. It’s kind of funny that it’s there, but it is a precious photo anyway.


Anyways, this has actually been really fun and reading the sweet comments about other peoples love stories has been awesome. We love reading them just as much as some people love reading our story.

And if we can get a novel or movie deal out of our story, we will not oppose (we left out many many many juicy details that are a lot more interesting for a movie).

We actually joked/planned to write a novel about our story anyway. Maybe we would embellish and dramatize it for the sake of the story though…and because some things can be kind of embarrassing for us or the people involved (LOL- it’s also what makes a good story), so we’d rather not make it too obvious what was real or fake. Otherwise, I may become a therapist after all this because of the people messaging me for love advice now. This is something I’ve been interested in before anyways! But as a disclaimer, I will say that I will never have all the answers to people’s problems, but I am an amazing listening and love to chat with anyone who needs to be heard.

But enough about that. I hope everyone finds happiness in life and love, and remember that no matter what other people say, all that matters most is what you feel inside. And if you ever feel like people have a lot of opinions about your life and have trouble dealing with the haters- check out Ryan Reynolds for inspiration. He always knows how to joke his way out of gossip and bad vibes.



peace, love, + cheesiness,

<3 Vika



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